Jiangsu Enyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter ‘the Company’) is a global leading LED Landscape lamp manufacturer

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Jiangsu Enyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter ‘the Company’) is a global leading LED Landscape lamp manufacturer, which is the Asia Pacific R&D production base invested by EY Technology Co., LLC. The Company is located in Jiangyin National High-Tech Zone, the center of Yangtze delta, with CNY 80 million yuan registered capital, and initially spent CNY 5 billion yuan to build the international first-class Enyang photoelectric industrial park. With global unique LED crystal outdoor products as the leading factor, the Company is the comprehensive application solutions provider and advanced business model provider, specializing in R&D, production, sales, installation and engineering design of LED series products, such as landscape lighting, road lighting, tunnel lighting, square lighting, industrial lighting, medical lighting, home lighting, upscale community lighting and so on.

Aiming at constructing the world first-class LED lighting laboratory for more than a decade, the Company has respectively established global R&D center, the Asia Pacific R&D center and branch in Dallas U.S, Beijing and Jiangyin. Meanwhile, the Company makes cooperation with domestic and overseas famous universities in “Product, Study, Research, Usage and Create”, such as MIT, Tsinghua, CAS Fudan and so on. With the Increased LED application technology R&D and innovation, the Company comprehensively implements “Made in China 2025” and makes integrated development from traditional labor-intensive manufacturing to high-tech iot intelligence. Therefore, the Company provides the quality and efficient services to all customers with the world's leading technology, unique products and unique style.

As the Asia Pacific head office invested by EY Technology Co., LLC, the Company makes “Beautiful China, Beautiful World” as enterprise mission, actively promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction, and speed up to the construction of ecological civilization. The Company will actively introduce strategic investors in the following 3 years and realize the capital market through around 4 years. After that, a billions LED industrial cluster will be built by integrating LED upstream and downstream industry chains. We will always adhere to use the world-class new materials, new craft, new technology and new energy. Aiming at the global market, the Company is guided by wisdom lighting, as well as makes energy conservation & environmental protection as its own duty. Meanwhile, we will make efforts to promote LED industry application technology in China, and make new contributions to national semiconductor lighting project, the global innovation of LED application technology and the process of exploring the light!