Jiangsu Enyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter ‘the Company’) is a global leading LED Landscape lamp manufacturer

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CEO Charles Wang
International LED landscape lighting expert, Renowned human resources experts, High Vocational Instructor, MBA of Tsinghua University, visiting scholar of MIT and Stanford University, Senior Consultant Marketing Professional Committee of the National colleges, The 10th, 11st and 12th Youth Committee of Wuxi City, Ten Outstanding Young in Wuxi City, Former vice president of China in   Fortune 500 companies - Cummins (China) Co., Ltd., Current chairman of Youth Talent Holding, president of the United States EY.

Vice chairman and co-chairman of the US company Hongru Cao
Master of Accounting of Shanghai Finance University,

International Registration of senior human resources management division, National High Vocational Instructor, ILO's "SYB teacher training course" China authorized instructor, Senior human resources experts, The current president of the Youth Talents Holdings, Youth talent service center founder, Proficient personnel evaluation, compensation management and psychological counseling.

Director Lihua Liu
Doctor of Harbin Institute of Technology. Director of National Metal Wire Products Engineering Technology Research Center, National 863 Specialty Fiber Optics Chief Expert,  Outstanding contributions of experts in Jiangsu Province, "333 Project" second level training object, Awarded by Jiangsu Province Youth Science and Technology , the second honorary title of outstanding scientific and technological workers in Jiangsu Province , former vice president of listed companies Jiangyin Fasten Group, and served as president of the rope factory in Jiangyin, Fasten Group Pilot factory director, Institute Conference and other senior management positions.

Director and General Manager Haijun Wang
Master of Business Administration from China Europe International Business School, Trained in International EMBA program in Wharton USA, Win Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, Former Apollo listed company (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Managing Director of fire protection products, Technical and management positions in three multinationals. Which has been operational management of one billion yuan of annual sales of the company's business, and the efficient management of a multinational team of more than 600 people, with more than 20 years of multinational manufacturing enterprises and management experience.

Director and Executive Vice President Zhenqiu Dai

MBA Shanghai Jiaotong University, Bachelor of Mechanical Design and Automation in Jiangsu University, Senior mechanical engineer, been involved in the international system IRIS certification training, won the IS09001 / 2000 Quality Management System Internal Auditor certificate, RAMS safety and reliability engineer training certificate. Former General manager of Wuxi Jinxin Group charging in North China, Northeast region, project manager of railway locomotive, Deputy General Manager  of Wuxi SANZHI heat exchanger Co., Ltd , wealth of manufacturing experience in sales management.

General Manager of the USA Branch Shihui Mang
MBA in University of Texas, Bachelor of Electronic Engineering in Tsinghua University, IBM registered e-business Solution Designer, Former USA Sanden International Project Manager for more than ten years, proficient in a variety of programming languages and applications,  expertise across multiple industry sectors manufacturing, financial and e-commerce.