Jiangsu Enyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter ‘the Company’) is a global leading LED Landscape lamp manufacturer

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bossCharles Wang

CEO of Enyang Photoelectric, MBA of Tsinghua University, visiting scholar of MIT and Stanford University

With the mission of "Environmental-friendly and Art Lighting", the Enyang Photoelectric completely overthrow the traditional lighting business, which have attracted concerning view from all over the world.

The LED lighting business is the new mission entrusted by the era and also a good soaring chance for Enyang.

To lead the business trend of green lighting, build a harmonious wealth channel and Create a green lighting photoelectric industry well-known brands ------such an exciting and down-to-earth things, with clear vision and extraordinary innovation, the Enyang Team will cohere professional core team, research and innovation of products, building characteristics of the interests of the distribution system, construction globalized market system, leading the LED international trend and direction.
In the process of achieving exciting career, at the same time contributing to the development of China's green lighting and energy-saving environmental protection industry, The Enyang Team, everyone's career and life thus become richer meaning and valuable.

In this era, which success in business is no longer simply depends on the size, number, hardware, across the physical space and the virtual space of the Internet, we believe that, culture is the enterprise development gene-driven and utmost centennial foundation.

We must rely on the power of Enyang outstanding culture for sustainable development.

In today's LED industry, which market application is extremely large and competition is fierce, we firmly believe that, the unique way to win is to focus and concentrate on doing our own products and services.

We can only stand out by superb expertise.

Therefore, Enyang choose a differentiated path, which focused on "brand, technology and channel".

Core business is LED lights business, supplemented by energy services, construction and engineering design and other value output.

Today, in Chinese lighting industry, Enyang has been a new force and committed to providing excellence in lighting energy-saving products and services.