LED Crystal Garden Light

Product manual
The whole light adopts LED light source
The transparent plum blossom light pole and luminous mask have crystal optical effects
The whole light is connected by mechanical fastening;the process provides technical assurance of more than a decade
outdoor service life

Technical Parameter
Model Mumber EY-LTYD6036
Input Voltage 90~260VAC
Power Consumption 19W
Luminous Flux 1800Lm
Power Factor ≥97%
Light Pole Bending Strength 120MPa
Power Conversion Effciency ≥90%
Security Index 11
Light Rockwell Hardness 100M-scale
Luninaire Efficiency(Output Coefficient) ≥88%
Protection Grade IP65
Light Pole Retfractive Index 1.49
Maintain Index(last 10000h) ≥90%
Operating Temperature -25°C~+60°C
Light Pole Light Transmittance 93%
Total Light Transmittance(Outdoor 8 Years) ≥91%
Installation Height 3.6m~5m

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